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Focused on the acquisition of high performance executives


Hydropower and oil & gas have fueled Norway’s economy for decades. Scouting has a unique track record by serving more than 20 E&P companies, many drilling contractors and numerous technology providers. Most clients ask for our services to help filling executive and senior management positions.

Private equity

Private equity firms play a vital role in providing capital and expertise to new and existing companies. The importance of an experienced and skilled management team cannot be underscored enough. We are proud of representing both international and domestic private equity firms.


Our client portfolio already includes leading digital solution providers to the energy sector. Robots have long carried out routine manual work. Yet machines cannot do everything. To be as productive as it could be, this new automation age will also require a range of human skills.


Norway moved from sails to steam, and went on to become a modern ocean industry, which in turn formed the basis of the Norwegian oil boom. Today we see new bridges being built . Petroleum technology is at the center of the development of ocean-based aquaculture and ocean-based renewable energy .