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Americans claim that the world’s first hydroelectric power plant began it’s operation in Fox River in Appleton, Wisconsin. But was it in Hamn at Senja in Norway?

Technology development

The hydropower, energy processing and petroleum industry in Norway have laid the foundation for a highly competent and internationally competitive energy industry. Norwegian industry players deliver advanced technology, products and services for the Norwegian and international energy industry. Over the last decades, several Norwegian suppliers have gained a strong international position. This is a direct result of the will to develop and use new technology. The interaction between companies in the various value chains and the research environments has yielded good results.

Business opportunities

Hydrocarbons will still be an important part of the energy mix, but there are exciting business opportunities within renewables. Apple invested in solar energy to supply headquarter, retail stores and its data centers, which use massive amounts of power, in February 2015. Renewable energy technologies have significant deployment potential as resources are spread globally. The role of renewable energy is expected to increase significantly over time with greater contributions to the power generation, heating & cooling and transport sectors.

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