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Being imaginative isn’t just limited to the arts.

Low-carbon transition leads to a fundamental shift in the global energy system as oil demand peaks and supplies shift. The use of both oil and natural gas in a net-zero energy system is likely to decline substantially from current level. Significant investment in new oil and natural gas production is still required, but the role of renewable energy will continue to grow with greater contributions to the power generation, heating & cooling and transport sectors.

Innovation and new jobs originate from existing businesses and industries and from completely new ideas. Today we see new bridges being built. Our existing energy clusters will continue to play a key role in developing new solutions to achieve the low carbon society.

Scouting is a boutique and a retained executive search firm challenging the leading global search firms. When it comes to growth and success of your organization, superior executive leadership means everything. With so much at stake in terms of your leader’s responsibilities, it is critical that you find the right candidate for a leading role and get it right the first time.

We are a specialist who understand how things work. Scouting gives you the focus and attention you need, and we know the predictors of recruiting and retention success. We believe in building our reputation in our industries based on the depth of our experience, strong and reliable networks, access to candidates and our passion for quality.